Polenta sul tavolo

Questo è il modo tradizionale Abruzzese di mangiare la polenta.

Il tutto si svolge in tre fasi principali.
Si stende la polenta sul tavolo (di legno)


Si arricchisce con sugo, salsicce e formaggio (a volontà … più è meglio è)


Si gusta, ma attenzione … si dia inizio alla battaglia per la conquista dei territori!!!


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  1. Anna Kadian says:

    This brought back so many memories of being in my mom’s hometown in Abruzzo, eating our polenta on her table.
    We spent many summers in Italy. My mom is from Tocco Casauria (PE). My dad was from Salle (PE).
    Thanks for bringing back so many wonderful memories !
    I came across your blog, by seeing this photo on FB – and then googling “polenta on table” – and I saw your blog.
    (From the group LIFE IN ABRUZZO on facebook)

  2. admin says:

    I’m so happy this made your day!
    But tell me please where are you located? My parents both are from Serramonacesca (PE) just under the Majella mountain and they emigrated in Switzerland in the early sixties.
    Bests and Buon Anno!

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