Bio Eng

Hi there! My name is Tiziano Di Valerio, born in Bellinzona (TI) in the lilac’s cows mountainous Switzerland. Antonietta and Vittorio my parents who emigrated here in the 60’s from Abruzzo (Italy). I was made in the 70’s! My intriguing by the mysteries of how stuff work have rised my interest in technology which later turned into work. Engines and then electricity first (a sort of mechatronic pioneer), the electronics and computers after, were the themes that « marked » my adolescence, as gears that settled on me that I became what I am now. Scuola d’Arti & Mestieri Bellinzona in the 90’s is where I’ve learned how to deal both methodically and precisely with metals (Precision/Machines Mechanic apprenticeship school) and finally a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering in 95 at Engineering School of Fribourg. I dealt with Heat Pumps (Termogamma), HVAC&Heating Controls (City Carburoil), Gas Turbines (Turbomach now Solarturbines), Steam Turbines and Centrifugal Compressors (Elliott). My professional career took place starting from feasibility, offers, planning, realization, start-up and optimization to finally land at training. I had the “luck” to travel a lot for work and this also allowed me, in addition to opening and adapting to multicultural environments, to develop a certain talent in communication in multiple languages ​​of which 5 spoken and written. About me they say that I am a technological freak (tech freak), enthusiastic and passionate about everything that is new. Documentation (use provided password). Want to know more about me? Contact me!